TPIX (Taipei Internet eXchange Center) has been established in Mar. 2002 for the purpose of providing neutral Internet traffic exchange services for Internet service providers and content services providers, so that they can exchange Internet traffic economically and effectively. On January 25, 2002, TPIX was approved for IX qualification in "The 13th meeting of IP Address and Protocol Committee" hosted by TWNIC.

TPIX platform had completed the hardware upgrade plan and provide high speed and quality GE/10GE/100GE connection to TPIX members.

TPIX platform are located and operated in Chief Telecom Taipei LY Building, which is the most famous neutral IDC service provider in Taiwan. With complete Power, CRAC, Security and environment monitoring and controlling management by Chief Telecom, TPIX provides a high quality and security Internet exchange service to its members. The LY building also aggregates lots of global and domestic carriers, ISPs, ICPs and Internet value-added service providers, and TPIX members shall each take what they needs via TPIX public peering or private peering services here.