Tom Paseka

  • Organization / Cloudflare
  • Division /
  • Job Title / Network Engineer
  • Expertise /

    Tom is a Network Engineer at Cloudflare, based in San Francisco,California. Tom's role is looking after Cloudflare's global network as well as expanding it, ensuring best performance globally. Part of this is knowing the inner workings of the internet, especially within the APAC region. The role also extends to making the Internet better, by giving hundreds of thousands of websites performance equivalent to the Internet Giants. Outreach to ISPs and government alike in the region is part of the role for ensuring a better Internet for all. Started work in Australia, Tom has been involved in Asia-Pacific Internet over the past 14 years working for a number of ISPs and Carriers throughout the region, including in Hong Kong and Australia.

  • Introduction /

    Interconnection Landscape in Asia.

    In this talk, Tom will go over Interconnection through-out Asia, some of the regulatory issues and challenges in each country and the market conditions.

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