William Lu

  • Organization / Chief Telecom
  • Division / International Business
  • Job Title / AVP
  • Expertise /

    Chief Telecom/ AVP (current)

    Nortel Network/ Account Manager

    Singtel/ Channel Manager

    CQi/ Product Manager

    Communication Magazine/ Project Editor

    Chief Telecom/

    APNIC 44 Panel Committee

    A creative and inventive thinker who always welcome challenges and not afraid to work outside of his comfort zone, William is a motivated team player and team builder who consistently craves for outperforming expectations. Possesses superb communication skills and culture sensitivity, he can always build close relationship with clients, providers and stakeholders needed to accomplish his goals. Being results oriented and focusing on bottom line results, he has excellent track record of achieving and exceeding the standards. Also a successful leader in producing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative business solutions. Strong managerial background and senior level of international business experience.

    Lawrence Technology University, MBA

    NTU, Mechanical Engineering BD

    PMP #1363822

  • Introduction /

    TPIX and Taiwan Internet Status Introduction

    TPIX Introduction

    Taiwan Telecom/ ISP History

    Taiwan IXP Status

    Taiwan Internet Market

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