Jabra (GN Audio Asia Limited)

Jabra is proud to be part of The GN Group – a brave and inventive group of people who have been breaking new frontiers since 1869.

From our home of Copenhagen, Denmark, The GN Group revolutionized communications by laying the world’s first submarine cable, which carried the first telegraph line linking East to West and brought the world closer together.

We make life sound better.

Every day, our intelligent sound solutions inspire people in ways they never thought possible. We inspire athletes, old and young to push boundaries and beat their best, thanks to our innovative sports headphones with real-time voice coaching and intelligent apps helping you stay motivated and in the zone.

At work, we empower you to be even more productive. We can help you concentrate more, communicate and collaborate better, and make conversation easier. We do this by helping you block out noise and delivering crystal-clear sound.

We also enable you to enjoy the music you love while you’re on the move, with rich and immersive sound. And you can effortlessly switch to making a call and back again. All with total clarity.

It’s our life’s work to transform lives through the power of sound.

What inspires us

We are constantly pioneering and challenging convention. We’re inspired to keep pushing for new ways to help enhance the sound you hear.

As you might expect from a sound brand, we are expert listeners. So we listen hard to what people need.

And to help make it happen, we reinvest more than 10% of our group’s revenue in research and development every year. This enables us to continue championing breakthrough technology, as we’ve done for many years.

It’s how we’re able to lead the field in the measurement and analysis of biometric data from the human ear, to improve health and athletic performance.

We’re also improving productivity in the workplace – constantly fine-tuning the mix of technology and culture, to help people achieve better work/life balance.

We make headsets and speakerphones, of all shapes and sizes, corded and wireless, for all types of users in all corners of the globe. Yet, that’s not our job. Our job is to make people’s lives sound better. We look for innovative ways of making communication simple and effortless.