HwaCom Systems

HwaCom Systems Inc. is established in 1994. The Headquarter is located in Taipei and with 5 branches in HsinChu, ChungLi, Taichung, Hwalien and Kaohsiung. With the mission of "Bring Broadband Digital Life to You ", HwaCom is the leading broadband system integrator and supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks related services as well as multimedia application in Taiwan. In addition, HwaCom has partnerships of major international leading IT and Network companies, can provide most comprehensive broadband application integration services covered Telecom, Media, government and Manufacture industries from infrastructure to application to fulfill the requirement of enterprises and government services in Taiwan.

Also, HwaCom has committed itself to renovate the life of people by delivering innovative technologies to service operators by offering comprehensive broadband application and efficient network infrastructure. With more than 350 employees in the field, HwaCom is proud of to be one of major system integrators in Taiwan with revenue NT$4,420M in 2012 and NT$3,300M in 2011.